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Chicano Comfort Food

For The Barrio, From The Barrio
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Serving up award winning Doggs since 2017

Influenced by the neighborhood or “Barrio” in which it was conceived, Barrio Dogg is a culinary experience that serves dishes inspired by a mixture of cultures and tastes that are curated to create something new.

Born in Barrio Logan, a neighborhood of San Diego and a 10 minute drive from one of the busiest international land border crossings in the world, biculturalism is at the core of Barrio Dogg’s identity. Barrio Dogg roots itself in the ability to combine flavors originating from both domestic and international regions and delivering unique masterpieces as a Hot Dog or Fries. From the basic “La Virgen” to the extremely spicy “La Yorona” it’s almost certain there is a Dogg in our menu that you’ll love!

Barrio Dogg began operating in 2017 with a mobile kitchen built out of a 1964 Impala as an homage to the Lowriding, the Barrio’s preferred mode of transportation. Just like Lowriders which are painstakingly created from the ground up with the utmost attention to every piece of chrome or flake in the paint job to be “show-ready”, Barrio Dogg dishes are created with the same focus on every ingredient, flavor, texture, color to not only give you the most delicious Dogg you will ever taste, but one that is also delivered to your table “show-ready” for you to snap a pic!

Barrio Doggs Vertical
September 2023

La Cochinita

September 2023

This month’s special is our Cochinita Pibil Dogg. La Cochinita, comes loaded with…

  • slow braised achiote citrus marinated pork
  • salsa verde
  • pickled onions
  • fresh habanero
  • cilantro